Krosbéy Solutions NV

Is a renowned Caribbean company providing security systems and vulnerability management solutions in the area of information and communication technologies.

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About Krosbéy Solutions NV

We are focused on providing Security & Compliance Monitoring and infrastructure solutions, which provide a high added value while also delivering a competitive business advantage to our clients. We have been serving our clients since 2008 and over the years, we have delivered a number of high-end, large-scale solutions, which are being used to serve the ICT security needs of important companies in many of the key sectors of the economy.




We help our customers set up business Security & Compliance Monitoring processes and ICT environments so that ICT solutions support the business plans.



We create the communication bridge between business and IT Security & Compliance. We provide hard and software solutions for business needs and information system integration.


Building UP

We design and implement large-scale information systems that meet the business security requirements of the customer and give the necessary support in their business.


Security Operations

We secure the operation of information systems and the necessary supervision and vulnerability management of ICT infrastructure, we ensure the availability of ICT functionality for users.


First Line Support

We provide effective and immediate assistance to maintainers of information systems with solutions to known issues including the provision of alternatives and ensuring communication with the second line support in dealing with unfamiliar problems.


Second Line Support

Within the Premium Subscription, we guarantee solutions to problems arising from the use of a security system which due to their difficulty are not addressed in the first line support and provide support to deal with new and non-standard operation tasks.



We provide a comprehensive supply network and communication infrastructure solutions, firewall security, backup security, encryption, MFA HW components, and Security & Compliance Monitoring, and auditing tools, including their introduction into routine operation.



We provide classical Ethical security training, we provide up-to-date courses, and implement long-term targeted training programs.


We provide added value

The Krosbéy Solutions NV portfolio of products and services comprehensively covers the needs of our customers and creates a synergistic effect. We provide added value to our customers and enable the realization of innovative and technologically demanding solutions that support their business processes and business plans.


We act freely and independently

One of the essential prerequisites for the successful implementation of information systems is applying modern and proven ICT technology. Krosbéy Solutions NV acts freely and independently when selecting the most suitable technology for their solutions based on long-term experience and cooperation with global leaders in ICT technologies. However, Krosbéy Solutions NV always makes sure the final solution can be easily integrated into the customer’s ICT environment.


Krosbéy Solutions NV

Krosbéy Solutions NV is a Caribbean company providing Security & Compliance Monitoring and perimeter systems, vulnerability management solutions and solutions in the area of information and communication technologies. We are focused on providing infrastructure security solutions, which provide a high added value while also delivering a competitive business advantage and protection to our clients.

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